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Locked Down

Well it's hard to believe that more than 2 months have past and I am now in New Jersey. After cancelling two flights back to California, I boarded a train for New Jersey to be with my sister and brother-in-law and their 2 year old Therapy dog, Rooney. I knew things were getting bad the day I left Philadelphia, but I never dreamed it would become a pandemic. Nor did I imagine its' ripple effect. So here we are, locked down, sheltered, asked to social distance and stay at home.

Thankfully, I am healthy, with family I love dearly and a dog who has captured my heart. So lock down isn't so bad... Especially since I have been a nomad for three plus years and wasn't exactly sure where I was going to live in California. ( I did find a cottage in a fabulous town on the Central coast called Cayucos where I was invited by two pet sitters to take on the care and walking of wonderful dogs). A member of Acupuncture Without Borders, I, like so many others, am struggling with how to help. It seems like staying put is the best solution for preventing the spread, at the moment.

I am remembering a course I took in 1976: The Holocaust. A time when people sequestered themselves to survive a disaster, with death all around. Yet, in the midst of this horror are many positives; families and friends bonding, people supporting each other via social media, developing new ways to learn and communicate, heroes on the front lines saving lives and risking their own, and most of all, an outcry of love.

"Locked Down". Rooney and Me March 2020

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