"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything."


Integrative Bodywork   : A blend of Eastern and Western Massage modalities:  Acupressure/Shiatsu, Thai massage, Therapeutic Touch, Stretching and Movement.
Clients wear comfortable clothes and lie on a mat, table or massage chair


60 minute session: $125.00
90 minute Session: $165.00

Canine Session: $50.00   30 minutes
Canine Session  $75.00   60 minutes

Combo Fees 

Get a (human) massage and your dog companion will want one too! 

You and your Dog : (shared time)

60 minutes: Chair Massage (human), Canine Massage (on a mat)


90 minutes/:  Table or Mat Massage (human), Canine Massage

(on a mat or table)


ON-SITE MASSAGE (at your home or office,

rate includes travel of up to 25 miles) 

90 minute  human or human/dog combo sessions 

Humans or Human/Canine combo:
90 minute Human massage or human/ dog massage combo session: $225.00.

( Ask about discounts for more than one person )

Tuning fork /vibrational healing: Specially designed non-invasive body tuning forks applied to acupressure points on the body and face